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General Background to Enclosure

Chapman, J., 'The Chronology of English Enclosure', Economic History Review, vol. 37, no.4 (1984), pp.557-559
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Clark, G. & A., 'Common Rights in Land in England, 1475-1839' (2001)
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Hindle, P., Maps for Historians (Chichester, 2002)
(Contains a short section on enclosure maps, pp.42-48)

Hollowell, S., Enclosure Records for Historians (Chichester, 2000)
(Provides an introduction to the processes of enclosure, and an extensive bibliography)

Hoskins, W.G., The Making of the English Landscape (1955)
(Still the classic account of the making of the English landscape, though Hoskins’ conclusions have been modified by more recent research. Chapter 7 deals with Parliamentary enclosure)

Russell, R.C., and E., Parliamentary Enclosure & New Landscapes in Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire County Council, 1987)
(A detailed study of Parliamentary enclosure in Lincolnshire. Includes a good general introduction to the process of enclosure)

Kain, R.J.P., Chapman, J., Oliver, R.R., The Enclosure Maps of England and Wales 1595-1918 (2004)
(A comprehensive study of the enclosure mapping of England and Wales, accompanied by a web catalogue of all parliamentary and non-parliamentary enclosure maps extant in public archives and libraries)

Mingay, G.E., Parliamentary Enclosure in England (1997)
(A useful short introduction to the causes, incidence and impact of enclosure in England)

Smith, D., Maps and Plans for the Local Historian and Collector (1988)
(Contains a short section on enclosure maps, pp.50-56)

Tate, W.E., A Domesday of English Enclosure Acts & Awards, Turner, M.E. (ed.) (Reading, 1978)
(A comprehensive gazetteer to Acts and Awards. It also has a useful introduction to the enclosure process)

Turner, M.E., 'Cost, Finance & Parliamentary Enclosure' Economic History Review, vol.34, no.2 (1981), pp.236-248
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Turner, M.E., 'Enclosure reopened' (1998)
http://www.ehs.org.uk/society/pdfs/Turner 26a.pdf

Turner, M.E., Enclosures in Britain 1750-1830 (1984)
(A good short introduction to the topic)

Turner, M.E., 'English Open Fields & Enclosures: Retardation or Productivity Improvements', Journal of Economic History, vol.46, no.3 (1986), pp.669-692
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Turner, M.E., English Parliamentary Enclosure, its Historical Geography and Economic History (Folkestone, 1980)
(A study of the temporal and spatial patterns in enclosure, and of some of the factors which promoted enclosure)

Turner, M.E., 'Parliamentary Enclosures: Gains and Costs' (1986)
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Wordie, J.R., 'The Chronology of English Enclosure, 1500-1914', Economic History Review, vol.36, no.4 (1983), pp.483-505
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Wordie, J.R., 'The Chronology of English Enclosure: A Reply', Economic History Review, vol.37, no.4 (1984), pp.560-562
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Enclosure in Berkshire & Oxfordshire

Dils, J., An Historical Atlas of Berkshire (Reading, 1998)
(Contains short essays, illustrated with maps, on aspects of the history of Berkshire, including geology, topography, landscape, agriculture and enclosure)

Waite, J., 'The Open Fields of Wantage, Grove and Charlton, Oxfordshire' The Blowing Stone (1989)
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Wordie, J.R. (ed.), Enclosure in Berkshire (Reading, 2000)
(A detailed parish-by-parish survey of enclosure in Berkshire, with an introduction discussing the chronology of enclosure between 1485 and 1885, and a useful bibliography.

Surveyors and Map-Makers

Bendall, S. (ed.), Dictionary of Land Surveyors and Local Map-Makers of Great Britain and Ireland, 1530-1850 (London, 1997)
(Contains brief details of local surveyors and map-makers)

Reading Handwriting

Grieve, H.E.P., Examples of English Handwriting 1150-1750 (1981)

Hector, L., The Handwriting of English Documents (London, 1966)


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